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Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The One with Energy and Focus

Since Monday was Memorial Day, we all took the day off- even Daddy who is rarely able to do that!  We passed the morning together playing in the sprinklers and riding bikes.  In the afternoon, we joined some friends at their place for a BBQ.  The kids wore themselves out in all manner of fun including wiffle ball, a water balloon fight, digging in the dirt and various other amusements.  The adults took refuge inside in the air conditioning as it was oppressively hot and humid in our neck of the woods on Monday.  

It was back to the books on Tuesday and the test subjects seem to have a renewed energy and focus for their school work right now.  I'm pretty sure that this is due to the fact that we are rapidly approaching summer break.  Either way, I'll take it!  

TS 1 is finishing up his last essay for writing class, a persuasive piece.  It is a bit more challenging than the other essays he has written for the class, but not so much so that he is frustrated.  The rough draft is due on Monday.

TS 2 finished Math-U-See Beta on Thursday.  He was stoked!  He is going to take the final exam on Monday.  I plan for all three (yes, three!) test subjects to do a little math everyday during the summer, so we are not saying good-bye completely to math.

We are starting our last Tapestry of Grace unit for the year today, Elizabethan England and the Scottish Reformation.  From what I can tell from a quick browsing of the week plan, we will be learning all about Good Queen Bess, reading more Shakespeare (which we have loved) and studying a little more church history.  

Over the summer, I will try to share how we have used TOG in our home school.  It's going to change a bit next year with the addition of TS 3, so it will be helpful for me think it through again.  Speaking of TOG, our curriculum arrived last week and the books are due to be delivered today.  I did not order all the books like I did last year.  With three test subjects at three different levels, the cost for the books for TOG alone would have totaled almost $1200.  I checked our local library system and they have the vast majority of books available to borrow.  I spent less than $300 on TOG books, a $900 savings!!! 

We have a busy weekend in store for us.  We are having friends over tonight.  Baseball games Saturday morning and afternoon, followed by our homeschool group's annual recognition night.   On Sunday we have church followed by a baby shower for my sister's baby, who is set to arrive in a few weeks.  I am hoping to steal a few moments here and there to read more of this:
I'm loving it!

Wishing you a weekend full of fun, friends, family and maybe even a good book!

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