After five years in school, will homeschooling be a fit for our family? Walk with us as we try to find out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet the Scientists and Test Subjects

Lead Investigators
Tom and I will be the lead investigators in Our Great Homeschool Experiment.  Since I have been blessed to stay at home with the kids, I will do most of the teaching and observing of our test subjects.  Tom will be teaching science though so he will have an active role in the experiment, too!

Test Subject #1
Our oldest son will be affectionately known as Test Subject #1 or TS1 here :)  He is a very bright, very focused boy.  Focused on whatever he is interested in, that is.  Like sports.  And baseball.  And sports- did I say that already?  Getting him to focus on less interesting subjects can be a challenge but one we hope to overcome with a fun, challenging, individualized curriculum.  TS1 will be in fifth grade this year.

Test Subject #2
Our youngest son will be affectionately know as Test Subject #2 or TS2 here :)  Like his big brother, TS1, he is also very bright.  TS2 is very different from his big brother personality wise.  He is very carefree and flexible and silly.  TS2 can be quite sensitive though and sees mistakes as personal failure so in addition to academic work this year, we will be careful to build up his confidence and help him to see mistakes as part of the learning process.  TS2 will be in second grade this year.

Research Assistant
While our daughter will be off to full day Kindergarten next year, she will still be part of Our Great Homeschool Experiment.  She is a sweet, agreeable little girl who loves to help so I'm planning on including her as much as we can.  She will be affectionately known as RA here :)  RA is super excited to be going off to Kindergarten and we are hoping she gets the same teacher TS2 had!

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