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Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The One with the Medieval Feast

Joining the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers  and Homegrown Learners once again...

We have had a wonderful return to school after a week long Winter Recess.  We are back into the swing of a full schedule again and yet it does not seem burdensome.  You know things are going well when even the test subjects are remarking that it's been a stress free week!

Though it technically took place last week, our Medieval Feast last Friday evening occurred too late to include in last week's Weekly Wrap.  On Friday evening, our home was turned into a Medieval kingdom in celebration of the completion of our history unit on the Middle Ages.

Our honored guests were treated to an evening filled with food, entertainment, art, music, sword fighting exhibitions and clinics, and hands on art projects, all while learning about the life and times of the Medieval period in history.  The evening's agenda began with introductions by our King of his subjects, which included his daughter the Princess, one of his Noblemen, one of his Knights and of course a peasant living in his Kingdom.  

After introductions were made, Lord TS 1 gave a brief summary of the Feudal system of government, why it emerged during the Middle Ages and how it functioned.  

Sir TS 2 then described what entertainment was like in the Medieval Times and treated us to a recitation of a poem he has been working on.  Lord TS 1 played a few pieces on the piano.  Not to be outdone by her big brothers, Princess RA dazzled the crowd with her dance moves.  Her cousin Princess O. joined in the fun :)

After a messy, eat with your hands dinner, Sir TS 2 explained the history of Art in the Middle Ages.  His brief talk was followed by a guided tour of the art the test subjects had created at co-op over the course of this year so far.  (A huge thank you to our wonderful art teacher at co-op, Miss J!!!)  Our guests were able to see examples of mosaics, frescos, tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, books of days, and watercolor paintings.  Later on, they were given the opportunity to create their own watercolor painting.

We wrapped up the night with Lord TS 1's brief history of Knights.  Then he and Sir TS 2 gave a sword fighting demonstration and clinic.  It seems Abuelita is a master sword fighter!  Who could have known?

We had a wonderful night, and we hope our guests did as well.  We are already talking about planning a Renaissance Fair for our end of the year celebration!

Have you ever planned an executed a Medieval Feast or another unit celebration?  I'd love to hear about it.  Feel free to link to a post about it in the comments :)

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