After five years in school, will homeschooling be a fit for our family? Walk with us as we try to find out!

2011-2012 Curricula

O.k., I admit it. I'm a little weird. Researching home school curricula and planning a year of learning is actually fun for me. As I mentioned in this post, I have many friends who have been homeschooling for many years that offered me support, guidance and wisdom in putting this curricula plan together.

Here is what I have come up with so far. Some of it may change as I continue to learn about homeschooling and maybe even after we start and need to make adjustments. If you are a homeschooler and have any comments about any of these curricula or any others you love, please share!

In the coming weeks, I'll try to share a little about each curriculum and why we choose them.  If you really want to check them out for yourself now, I've linked to each below.  Remember, TS1 refers to our son entering fifth grade and TS2 refers to our son entering second grade.

UPDATED January 2012, if you are interested in hearing that the test subjects think about the curricula listed below, check out this post!

Humanities Core:
Includes History, Geography, Church History, Music and Art Appreciation

Language Arts
(TS2- Explode the Code Online (Phonics and Spelling)- NO LONGER USING)
TS2- All About Spelling (Spelling)
TS2- A Reason for Handwriting (Handwriting)
TS2- Writing with Ease, Level 2 (Composition)

TS1- Math-U-See Delta Level (for multiple digit long division only) and Epsilon Level



Foreign Language:


Science Lab/Art/Music/PE:
Activities within Tapestry of Grace
Weekly Homeschool Co-op (Three Group Classes on Fridays with Other Local Homeschoolers)
Weekly Piano Lessons
Community Sports