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Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: School's Out for Summer!

We started and ended our last week of homeschool the same way- with field trips!  On Monday, we went to an outdoor education center with our local homeschool support group.  Once there, the children broke into groups based on age.  The younger group, which included TS 2, went on two hikes and participated in activities using their senses to learn more about the natural world.  He really enjoyed all the activities.  

The older group was divided into two teams, who worked their way through challenges that required team work, problem solving and physical agility.  TS 1 loved it!

If you know me in real life, you know we are not really an outdoorsy family.  We spend plenty of time at baseball fields, beaches and pools, but nature walks and hikes are not really our thing.  With that said, I thought it was a great experience and even had the passing thought that we should try hiking as a family.

On Monday evening, we all headed to RA's school for Kindergarten Awards Night.  It was so sweet and I was choked up on more than one occasion during the ceremony.  Not only because our baby girl is not such a baby anymore, but also because the night represented the last special event we may celebrate at this wonderful school with the beautiful community we were blessed with there.

The test subjects spent Tuesday through Thursday  finishing up their final assignments for the year.  They completed all their academics on Thursday morning, just in time to pick up RA (soon to be TS 3) from her last day of school!

We then headed out to my sister's neck of the woods to watch my niece graduate from Pre-K.  

My beautiful sister and my nephew to be- soon and very soon!
We finished the first book on our summer wish list this morning, Charlotte's Web?  How does one get through the last two chapters of this book without struggling to read through the lump in the throat and shedding a few tears?  We are looking forward to watching the movie soon!

Later on this afternoon, we will tour replicas of two of Columbus's ships, the Nina and the Pinta with our local homeschool group!  Since we studied Columbus this year, this last minute field trip opportunity meshed perfectly with our history work.  Pictures to come next week :)

And that, my friends, wraps up our first year of homeschooling!  

I'd love to have you stop by here tomorrow, if you can spare a moment.  I will have a post up detailing our summer plans.  And, if you missed it, check out the Top 10 Read Alouds on Our Summer Wish List.

What are you planning for summer?  Feel free to post your plans in the comments or a link to your blog post there.  

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