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Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The One with Recognition Night

On Saturday, we attended our first Homeschool Recognition Night sponsored by our local homeschool support group.  It was a very special night.  All the children were called up by name to receive a certificate of promotion and/or achievement.  Some of the children chose to perform as well, either playing a musical instrument or giving a speech or skit.  Most families also brought a few pieces of art work that were displayed in the fellowship room after the event.  

We kicked off our second to last week of homeschool with a fantastic field trip on Monday.  We took a cruise offered through the local aquarium to learn about the creatures living in the sound.  The guides used three different methods of pulling up creatures from the sound for the kids to see, touch and hear about.  It was very educational as well as entertaining.

Tuesday through Friday were productive days at home.  TS 2 completed First Language Lessons this week, so his work load has really dwindled to a few academics each day plus reading and piano practice.  It looks like we are on track to end our school year next week as we hoped!

Wednesday was the highlight of the week for TS 2 and RA who both started swimming lessons!

Our Tapestry of Grace books arrived and along with all the other curricula from the convention, it was getting a bit tight in our little homeschool room.  I started boxing up the materials we are finished using and shelving some of the new books.

As I mentioned last week, I am reading A Charlotte Mason Companion and loving it.  I am learning a few new things, but primarily I am getting validation for the choices we made this year as far as our homeschool style goes as well as encouragement as I plan for next year.  

I also started reading this gem this week:

And wow, it is the perfect book to be reading alongside A Charlotte Mason Companion!  I am busily compiling a list of read alouds for the summer using this book, my memories of cherished childhood books and suggestions from my Facebook friends.  I couldn't wait for summer, though, so we started reading this wonderful book together in the evenings this week.

If you're wondering what the final results of Our Great Homeschool Experiment are, well you will have to wait for our official findings to be published!  You can get a sneak peek here, though, if you're dying of curiosity :)

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