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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Interview with TS 2

Several months ago, I read two posts by Susan at Learning All the Time in which she interviewed her daughters about their homeschooling experience.  I loved the idea and finally got around to interviewing our test subjects.  Here is our second grader's (TS 2) interview:

Q: What are your favorite subjects?
A:  RFH (A Reason for Handwriting) and MUS (Math-U-See).  RFH is one of my favorites because it is fun to write.  MUS is one of my favorites because I like tests and I get 100% a lot.  

Q:  What are your least favorite subjects?
A:  WWE (Writing with Ease) because it's hard work.  (I've blogged about our challenges with WWE before, and why we've decided to stick with it if you're interested.)

Q:  When we first told you we would be homeschooling this year, how did you feel? 
A:  I was excited because it was a new thing.

Q:  And how do you feel about homeschooling now? 
A:  I'm used to it and I know how to do everything.  I feel warmed up and comfortable with it.

Q:  What are your favorite parts of homeschooling? 
A:  Break time.  I get to do work with mom and dad.

Q:  Is there anything about homeschooling that you don't like? 
A:  I don't like when I get things wrong because I have to do it again.

Q:  Does it bother you when people ask you about homeschooling?  How do you answer them? 
A:  I don't mind.  I tell them I like it.

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