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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interview with TS 1

Several months ago, I read two posts by Susan at Learning All the Time in which she interviewed her daughters about their homeschooling experience.  I loved the idea and finally got around to interviewing our test subjects.  Here is our fifth grader's (TS 1) interview:

Q: What are your most favorite subjects?  And why?
A:  GWG (Growing with Grammar, ECA (Exploring Creation through Astronomy) and TOG (Tapestry of Grace).  GWG is fun because the assignments are quick and it has easy to understand concepts.  (This answer surprised me- see why here.)  I like ECA because we learn about what is beyond the earth.  It is interesting to know what it is out there.  I like TOG because we learn about the world and people's discoveries and achievements.    

Q:  What are your least favorite subjects?  And why?

A:  MUS (Math-U-See) is hard because they want you to learn every single concept possible.  (This is exactly why I chose this curriculum- lol!)  

Q:  When we first told you we would be homeschooling this year, how did you feel? 
A:  I was excited because it would be something new.  I was also a little nervous because it would be kind of strange to do homeschool and I wondered what it would be like.

Q:  And how do you feel about homeschooling now? 
A:  I like homeschooling, except some of the academics I don't like and I wish they were not on my list.  

Q:  What are your favorite parts of homeschooling? 
A:  It's a flexible day.  In school, you have to work, work, work all day and in homeschool you can take breaks and change around your schedule if you need to.  I also like that there is no homework, because homework is extra work.  I love the extra free time!

Q:  Is there anything about homeschooling that you don't like? 
A:  I don't like having to go back and forth to school for RA.  Also, I don't like the same things I didn't like about school- the hard academics and hard work.  

Q:  Does it bother you when people ask you about homeschooling?  How do you answer them? 
A:  No, I tell them about my homeschool experience.  I tell them what it's like and why I like it.  I am grateful that we are homeschooling because not many people do it and we have the opportunity to do it.

Interview with TS 2 tomorrow!   

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