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Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The One with the Surprise Assembly!

Joining the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers  and Homegrown Learners once again...

First things first, in case you were waiting on pins and needles, I finally got around to writing that post I promised last week about the best field trip ever.

Although not technically a homeschool day, I have to start with Sunday this week.  We hosted a fun Super Bowl party at our home with lots of yummy food and great friends.  All three kids helped decorate and set up for the party, so that has got to count toward home economics skills or something, right?

Despite all of us getting to bed too late Sunday night, we started our week with a productive day of homeschool on Monday.  We topped off the day with a fun art activity with our homeschool group in the afternoon.  The test subjects each worked on his own Make-A-Plate project to commemorate the homeschool year.  TS 2, still fresh with excitement from our Challenger field trip, made a space themed plate.  TS 1 went with his passion, baseball, and made a plate featuring the logos of all the Major League Baseball teams.  As a bonus, the family who hosted the activity has a trampoline in their yard, so we squeezed in some PE, too :)

Still riding the Super Bowl wave, TS 1 created this football game this week.  

Poor kid!  Tom and I quickly turned it into a game for reviewing science and grammar facts.  Each time he got a question right, he got a first down.  He had the chance to quiz us too.  As it turns out, I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader.

On Wednesday, we set off bright and early for RA's school, as her Kindergarten class was leading the chapel service that morning.  They did great and my girl was unbelievably cute, if I may say so myself.  

On Thursday afternoon, we got word that several families from co-op had the stomach bug and would not be at co-op on Friday.  We were asked to move our assembly date from the 17th to the next day if possible to take the place of a family who could not make it.  I said yes right away, knowing that the boys had been practicing their piano pieces for weeks and were ready to go.  TS 2 was confident and ready to go!  But, TS 1 was not happy with me, telling me he was not, in fact, ready for assembly yet.  I assured him that he could choose to do something other than piano and suggested he give a "mini-clinic" on baseball skills, since that is what he loves.  He totally shocked me by asking if he could do a lesson on Roman Numerals instead.  I told him to go for it, and in an hour or so, he pulled together a presentation complete with notes of what he wanted to say, a poster and clip art!  

We pulled up to co-op this morning with a few jitters, but ready for assembly.  The boys did great!  I was surprised at how confident they seemed up on stage.  

This Week in Pictures:

1.   TS 1 working on his evaluation of the second quarter
2.   RA working on her 100th Day project for Kindergarten
3.   Test subjects playing the football game TS 1 created
4.   TS 2 working on his evaluation of the second quarter
5.   TS 2 working on his Make-A-Plate project
6.   TS 1 scanning the dictionary for fun during lunch one afternoon
7.   TS 1 working on his Roman Numerals poster for Assembly
8.   RA waiting for our Super Bowl party guests to arrive
9.   TS 2 decided to make a 100th Day project as well
10. TS 1 working on his Make-A-Plate project

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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