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Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: They Are on to Me!

Officially, we are on Winter Recess this week.  And while we have spent most of the week having fun with family and friends, I must admit that I have squeezed a little "school" in as well.  You see, we are having our Medieval Feast Unit Celebration tonight and we had some work to do in preparation for it.  The test subjects spent a few pockets of time on Monday putting the final touches on the art projects we are displaying at the Feast.  

We also hit the craft store on Monday to buy supplies to make TS 1's Medieval Lord costume.  I have never made a costume in my life.  I can't sew and have no desire to learn how.  For a no sew, completely off the cuff costume, I think it came out pretty cute.  I'll reveal the completed costume in next week's wrap up, but here is a peek at the process...

On Tuesday morning, they each wrote up a few paragraphs explaining the government, art and way of life of the people of the Middle Ages.  The rest of Tuesday was spent hosting a fun playdate with friends.  The day was topped off by going out to dinner courtesy of Papa.

On Wednesday, we worked on the menu for the feast and the scrolls we would be handing out to our guests on Friday evening.  By this time, the test subjects began to revolt, reminding me that this was supposed to be their week off and THIS WAS WORK!  They are on to me!  Fortunately, we had a fun overnight trip planned to the Basketball Hall of Fame, so I was able to convince them to just finish up these final preparations and we would leave by lunch.

Wednesday and Thursday were filled with swimming at the hotel pool and touring the Basketball Hall of Fame.  We went with friends, who sadly wound up leaving early Thursday because one of the kids took ill with the stomach virus.  Although we missed their company, we had a great time exploring the Hall of Fame and all the hands on activities they have for the kids.  I must admit RA was not as enthralled as the test subjects with the Hall of Fame, but she hung in there with us.

This morning, I dropped RA off with my sister's daughter at a craft and baking mini camp, while the boys and I finished up the preparations at home.  We are looking forward to celebrating our study of Medieval history with family in just a few hours!

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