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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So, How Am I Doing?

As one of the Lead Investigators of Our Great Homeschool Experiment, I am all about collecting and analyzing the data.  In that spirit, I asked the test subjects to evaluate each of their curricula on a scale of 1-10, with one being the worst possible subject they have ever been forced to learn and 10 being the best possible subject they have even been blessed to learn.  Since one of our goals for homeschooling is to reignite a love of learning, it is important to me to find out whether this is happening with the test subjects.  Here are their responses:

From TS 1:
Growing with Grammar (GWG): 9
I really like Growing with Grammar, but I don't like tests.

Institutes for Excellence in Writing (IEW): 7
IEW is ok but I don't like the long videos.  i do enjoy the typing and the writing.

Math-U-See (MUS): 8
I like MUS alot.  Even though I do two pages, I still like division.

Tapestry of Grace (TOG): 10
There is nothing wrong about TOG. 

Exploring Creation with Astronomy (ECA): 9
I enjoy learning about the planets with Dad alot.

Standing Strong (SS): 9
SS is fun because I can have fun looking in the Bible and completing each section.

Mavis Beacon Teaching Typing (MBTT): 4
I don't really like MBTT but I think I'm improving at it.

Rosetta Stone (RS): 11
RS is so fun because you have fun learning Spanish on the computer.

From TS 2:
Writing with Ease (WWE): 5
I like this subject because there are some stories I like, also Doctor Dolittle and other stuff.

First Language Lessons (FLL): 7
I like this subject because there are some poems I like.

All About Spelling (AAS): 7
I like this subject because there are phonograms.

Math-U-See (MUS): 10
I love this subject because there are lots of different problems I like and a workbook I like.

Tapestry of Grace (TOG): 6
I like TOG because there are a lot of wars and fun stories.

Exploring Creation with Astronomy (ECA): 7
I like ECA because we learn about different planets.

Studying God's Word (SGW): 8
I like this subject because we learn verses and scriptures about God.

A Reason for Handwriting (RFH): 7
I like this subject because you send messages to people.
(At the end of each lesson, there is a sheet on which you copy a scripture to send to someone to encourage or bless them.)

Rosetta Stone (RS): 6
I like this subject because it teaches us espanol.

This exercise turned out to be fun for the boys and very useful for me.  Some of their responses were surprising.  For example, I was under the erroneous impression that the boys found TOG boring but their responses indicate that they actually like it.  I obviously really need to figure out what is wrong with MBTT- we think the program has a glitch because it keeps rating TS 1's typing speed as -11 words per minute.  I knew WWE was challenging for TS 2 but it is teaching him valuable skills.  He is learning how to summarize and narrate the main points of a passage and to take dictation while being exposed to wonderful children's literature.  For these reasons, and the fact that he is rising to the challenge, we will continue to plug along at it.  All in all, other than a few tweaks here and there, it looks like we will head into the third quarter with a very similar plan to the first.

How do you evaluate what is and is not working in your homeschool?  

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