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Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The One with the Renovations

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It's been an eventful week here at the lab!  We are having major renovations done on our property, and the test subjects have gotten some impromptu lessons in excavation, dismantling a (beloved) swing set, laying pavers and stones, laying sod and mulch and laying blacktop on a driveway.  None of it was on my lesson plans, but we couldn't help but pass some time at the window watching the work.  TS 1 can now describe the steps to leveling a plot of land, preparing the soil and laying sod- that's got to count for something, right?

Some before pictures:

Some after pictures- more to come next week:

Despite all the excitement around here, we did get plenty of work done this week.  Monday morning was a typical homeschool morning.  Once again, at noon, we headed to TS 1's writing class offered through our homeschool group.  He brought with him the rough draft of the assignment he is working on for the class: a five paragraph essay on an autobiographical incident.  He chose, not surprisingly, to write about the first time he hit a homerun.  Its working title is "God on the Baseball Diamond."  Intrigued?  Perhaps he will give me his permission to post it here when it is finished.

TS 2 and I finished up his school work during the class, and then headed outside to shoot some hoops on the grounds.  We had a blast, but whenever I do that I am reminded just how out of shape I really am.  

Tuesday brought piano lessons and playdates, after we were done with school, of course.  We have been having a weekly playdate with our friends from church who live nearby and recently (as in January) decided to pull their children from the local public school and homeschool them.  Because our yard is under construction, the big boys decided to have an indoor Nerf gun war.  

Wednesday was the most exciting construction day here.  It is typically our lightest homeschool day, since I use the afternoon to run errands alone while our babysitter is here. The test subjects had plenty of time to gaze out at the work and the transformation of the yard.

One of my errands on Wednesday afternoon was to go to the local craft store to put together a sample centerpiece for the tables at my dear friend's upcoming doctoral graduation party.  While I was wandering the aisles, the designer offered to help.  It was a divine appointment, as we have a small budget for the centerpieces and I had not realized that I missed a huge section of the floral department that had flowers priced much lower AND were on sale for 50% off.  The designer helped me put together a beautiful arrangement at a great price.  It's not the best photo, but this gives you an idea of what she created.

We had a low key, productive day at home on Thursday.  The test subjects are really interested in astronomy, the focus of their Science curriculum this year.  I found TS 2 exploring the night sky with Google Earth in his free time on Thursday evening.

Friday is our last co-op until April 20th as we have a two week hiatus for Spring Break.  

It was also Picture Day at school for RA.  She looked so precious that I just had to share :)

Friday also marks the end of the third quarter of Our Great Homeschool Experiment!  I can hardly believe we are really in the home stretch of the school year.  I've been praying, thinking, planning and dreaming about next year already.  A friend and I will be traveling to a large homeschool convention in May.  I hope that the workshops and curriculum fair will help with the curriculum decisions for next year as well as provide encouragement for the journey.

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