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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The One with All the School Fun

Joining the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers  and Homegrown Learners once again...

One of the great things about still being part of our school community through RA is the opportunity to join in on some of the fun.  This week was Lutheran School's Week at school and each day was marked by a different theme.  Monday was Pajama Day and Pancake Lunch.  We sent RA off to school in her cozy, pink, fleece PJs while the test subjects remained in their PJs all day at home.  They enjoyed their own pancake lunch, prepared by TS 1, while their sister had a yummy one at school :)

Tuesday was Rainbow Day, and the students were challenged to wear every color of the rainbow.  

We also squeezed in the dentist on Tuesday, which has nothing to do with our homeschool week but I mention only as a shameless excuse to post these funny pictures.

Wednesday was School Spirit day.  While RA dressed in the school colors of red, black and white, the test subjects wore red, white and blue, which are apparently our homeschool colors.  Who knew?!? 

Thursday was Career Day.  We sent an adorable future mommy off to school with all her paraphernalia.  If you've been around here long, I'm sure you can guess what the test subjects dressed as for Career Day.

Thursday evening we joined some school friends for dinner in town at a local restaurant that donated 20% of the sales to the school.  It's an event we all look forward to each year!

School was closed on Friday, so RA joined us at co-op again.  We love having her with us!

We have had a great week!  I think it was the perfect diversion as we are hunkered down working through the thick of our winter lessons and yearning for spring.  

In addition to themed fun we had this week, we had time for two playdates during the week- one of the many things we are loving about homeschooling- TIME.  Time to play, time to get bored and be creative in response, time to be together as a family and time to spend with friends!

Speaking of time, another reason we had so much of it this week was that a media ban was in effect here at the lab from Sunday morning to Friday evening.  While the test subjects are not keen on doing this every week, they did agree that abstaining from TV, iPods, computer and Wii did make for a peaceful week.  It also freed up lots of time for family fun and creativity.  TS 1 even took the opportunity to get a head start on his school work each morning!

An appliance box was converted into a store to sell picture books created by TS 2 and Flip Notes created by TS 1.  Working on their wares provided hours of entertainment this week.  Selling them to friends and family was even more fun!

What are some fun ways you break up the monotony of a long winter at home?

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