After five years in school, will homeschooling be a fit for our family? Walk with us as we try to find out!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready, Set...


Today we sent RA off to Kindergarten.  How cute is she in her uniform???

It was a little crazy at drop off today and RA was subdued but content when we left her.  It was bittersweet leaving with the boys for home.  On the one hand, we are excited for our new adventure and on the other hand, we will miss so much about our school and school community.

Nevertheless, we arrived home in good spirits and ready to work.  But first, the Not Back to School Pictures:

Once that important business was done, we settled at the homeschool table to go over our daily schedule.  I gave each boy of a copy of their daily schedule and explained how we will meet each morning to fill out their daily assignment sheet.  We worked together to fill out Monday's assignment sheet so they could see for themselves how that process will work.  TS1 kept asking how long the homeschool day would be so I explained that it all depends on how focused and diligent he is in completing his work.

Then I described the curricula and materials for each subject.  I showed the boys where they could find their books and supplies.  I allowed them to leaf through their workbooks and binders to get a feel for each subject.

During snack time, we read the next chapter in Story of the World keeping us on track to finish our summer study of Ancient History by the time we dive into Medieval History on Monday with TOG.  Then each boy completed a reading assignment on their own.

I'm not sure why TS1 chose to do his reading on the stair.  We do have real furniture just a few steps away in the living room ;)

We spent the rest of the day, trying out our Spanish, Phonics and Keyboarding programs on the computer.  They loved that!

All in all, we had a peaceful and fun first day of homeschool!  1 down, 179 to go :)

Have your children started back to school or homeschool?  How was the first day of school for you and yours?

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