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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Only Normal...Right???

"So, how's it going???"

It's the question I am getting from everyone.  From family.  From homeschooling friends.  From school friends.  From the other lead investigator, even.  And I don't mind the question at all either.  It's just that I'm trying to figure out the answer myself.

We are almost finished with our first full week of school and everything is going really well.  We are getting RA off to school on time.  TS 1 & 2 are ready to work as soon as we get home and we are plowing through all I had planned for this week...and then some.  The boys have plenty of time for fresh air and energy burning breaks.  Everyone has been in a good mood...or willing to turn a bad one around quickly at least.  The curricula I chose seems to be engaging and providing a solid review at this early part of the year for the boys.

The days have been very busy.  Busier than I anticipated, actually, but not stressful thus far.  I had a babysitter here yesterday and after TS1 & 2 finished most of their work, I slipped out to bring birthday cupcakes to RA's Kindergarten class- so fun!  Afterwards, I even got the chance to squeeze in a quick, last minute cup of coffee with a friend.  It was delightful :)

I could not have asked for a smoother transition to homeschooling, really.  I am very grateful.


If truth be told, I am also a little sad.  I miss the ritual of summer becoming fall as marked by a new school year with new teachers and reunions with old friends.  I miss back to school night.  I miss the excitement of upcoming events and extra-curricular activity choices.  I miss serving at the school.  I miss our school community.  I miss chatting in the hallways with my friends.

I'm reminding myself that this only normal.  We were a family at this school for FIVE years.  We all made wonderful friends.  We all got used to a routine and rhythm of life.  Just because I am missing those things does not mean I am not excited about this new adventure.  I know that soon enough we will have a new routine and rhythm here.  And we will participate in some events at the school as RA is still a student there.  We will maintain friendships and make new ones in the homeschooling community.  In the meantime, it feels a little bit like we are in limbo.  And that's only normal.


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