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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year in Review

I'm not sure why exactly, but I've been a little quiet and even melancholy as of late.  I'm sure that comes across in my last two blog posts.  I never intended to become so sporadic with my posting in this space.  I truly enjoy writing and I love how this blog has become a scrapbook of sorts of our experiment.   Browsing some blogs over the weekend, I noticed a theme in some posts reflecting on 2012 and I thought that might be just the way to remind myself of my many blessings and break out of this funk in which I find myself.  Won't you join me on a stroll down 2012 lane here at the lab?

It is interesting to me to see that I wrote this post back in January of 2012 since just this morning at church, I was gleaning wisdom about parenting from a friend.  Have we embraced the truth that A Fool Insists on Quarreling and turned from it since last year?  Well, not completely, of course, but this study we did last year is one I still reference with the kids from time to time.  This study, coupled with clear and consistent consequences, has helped us navigate poor attitudes and sibling fighting in more godly ways.

In February, we went on the Best Field Trip Ever and pulled off a performance in a Surprise Assembly.  I also took the time to re-examine our homeschool mission, which is always an encouraging thing to do for me!

In March, I wrote about our Medieval Feast Unit Celebration, which was a 2012 highlight for sure!  I'm looking forward to planning a Colonial Times Unit Celebration to mark the end of our study in this era soon.

In April, TS 1 allowed me to share his autobiographical essay God on the Diamond as a testimony to how God is working in the hearts of our children, even as we fumble along on the parenting journey.

In May, I attended my first large homeschool convention with a dear friend who was trying to decide whether to take the plunge and homeschool her three children.  (She did and we love seeing them at co-op, field trips and other homeschool events!)  I offered this post, Convention Recap and Tips, after I returned.  After attending a celebration in honor of another dear friend's achievement of Doctor of Philosophy, I wrote this post On Pursuing One's Passion.

In June, I wrote the Top 10 Reasons We Love Homeschooling and the Top 10 Reasons for our Classical Christian/Charlotte Mason Approach.  It was good for me to reflect on these thoughts at this time!

TOG for Dummies, I Mean Minimalists was a fun post to write in July.  As I re-read it, I realize we are doing things a bit differently this year.  Perhaps another TOG post is in order?

My one post in August re-capped our Whirlwind of a summer.

September's highlights included Two Baptisms and a Birthday and Getting Our (Homeschool) Groove Back).

In October, I detailed what our TS 3 has been up to in Homeschool Kindergarten and what TS 2 has been up to in Third Grade.

November brought TS 1's turn in the spotlight.

And that brings us back to December, and my reflections entitled How I Saw Eternity in 124 Days and A Chasing After the Wind.

On this New Year's Eve friends, I pray you find a moment to reflect on your own blessings.  Perhaps you might find a quiet moment, also, to wonder about your struggles and what God might be working in and through them.  I pray you have the opportunity to ring in the New Year with loved ones, and that your celebration is filled with hope.  May your New Year be filled with the peace and love of Jesus!

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