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Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: October 28, 2011

Joining the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers once again...

You know that old adage: Re-entry is usually bumpy?  (Maybe it's not an old adage but for the sake of a witty intro to this week's wrap up, can we pretend that it is?)  Well, my friends, re-entry was bumpy this week.  

I had a wonderful weekend away with my college roommates.  We slept late, ate whenever we felt like it, laughed until our sides ached, celebrated each other's joys and wept over one another's sorrows.  It was the first time in about six years that we were all together and we vowed not to let that much time pass again!  

Monday was re-entry to reality day for me and it was bumpy.  There was nothing in particular or out of the ordinary that made the day difficult.  It was just that getting back into the routine took some getting used to.  We ended the day with a play date at a new friend's house nearby.  It was good for all of us to get out and do something fun in the afternoon.

TS 2 began learning addition with regrouping this week.  I can't believe that I taught him how to do that!  I don't know why, but it feels great knowing I was the one to teach him something so new and important :)  

Tuesday is our Piano Lessons day.  Mr. B was pleased with the test subjects and remarked that TS 1's progress has been impressive.  I sensed TS 1 was moving quickly through the piano book.  He had taken a few lessons when he was 7, so he was not starting completely from scratch this time.  In some ways, I am not too surprised at his success with the piano so far.  This is who TS 1 is.  He is nothing if he is not determined.  And goal oriented.  Sometimes to a fault.  I am working with him on learning how to set realistic goals, actually, as it can be a problem when he fails to reach one of his lofty goals in the timeframe he expected.  All that to say, he was determined to "dominate" his piano book and move on to the next level, and by golly he did!  And yes, we are working on toning down the competitive streak as well :)  

RA was home sick on Wednesday so I missed my morning Bible study, this week.  It was a rough day.  Murphy's law reigned.  A little one with health issues, school with the boys, the upstairs toilet overflowed and I was not aware of it until I heard the water running down the wall on the first floor beneath the bathroom.  Later in the morning, I dropped a gallon of water on the kitchen floor.  And guess what, I cried over spilled water.  (And that concludes the cheesy cliches for this post.)

Thursday, however, was a stellar day!  RA was feeling better and went off to school in the morning.  The test subjects and I spent a quiet, productive morning at home.  I had a doctor's appointment after lunch so my mom came by to stay with the boys while they finished their independent work.  

On Friday morning, we bundled up and set out for co-op.  It was under 40 degrees at 9:30 a.m. when TS 1's PE class begins.  In case I have not whined about it enough, I am a PE assistant in both TS 1's and TS 2's classes.  I won't lie- it was cold.  I put on a happy face for the most part, though :)

The boys finished their Medieval Manuscripts in art.  They turned out great!  TS 1's manuscript is about...drum roll!

TS 2's manuscript is about Art in the Middle Ages.

I'm so thankful for this art class.  I would not have done half of these projects with the test subjects at home, yet they are so enriching to what they are learning in history.

TS 1 in learned about friction in Gizmos and Gadgets and made this fancy contraption to show the effect of friction on the movement of an object.  

TS 2 learned about the life cycle of a bee in his Honeybee class.

And guess what adorable pumpkin is going to be Worker of the Week at school next week?

We have a fun weekend planned!  Starting with pizza and a play date with some friends from church tonight, baseball clinic and Harvest Festival at church on Saturday, church on Sunday morning and a quiet (hopefully) afternoon afterwards.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love!

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