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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up- The One In Which The Honeymoon Ended

Joining the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers once again...

Monday was Columbus Day and since RA had the day off from school, the test subjects and I took the day off, too.  It was a warm, sunny day so we met some friends at the beach for lunch and a play date.  The beach was mobbed as if it were the middle of the summer!  Then, TS 1 got motion sickness from whirling on the tire swing at the playground.  So, we left after about an hour, grabbed lunch at a local brick oven pizza place and then headed to our friends' house to play.  The four big boys played football on the front lawn while RA and my friend, M's, five year old played inside together.  While everyone played, M and I had some time to chat and catch up with one another, albeit constantly interrupted time :)

School got off to a delayed start on Tuesday as we had to take our minivan in for service.  I'm not sure if the test subjects were having a rough time getting back into the routine of school or what, but my "no whining during school rule" was flagrantly disregarded.  Our school day was l-o-n-g due to several trips to the bedroom to chill out and improve the attitude.

We also had Piano Lessons again on Tuesday.  Mr. B was pleased with their progress and so was I :)

On Tuesday night, I went to the monthly parent's meeting for our homeschool group.  It was a bit of a drive but I was so glad I went.  It was encouraging to hear that my kids are not the only ones prone to whine and complain during homeschool.  The meeting also reminded me of our reasons for homeschooling and analyze the whining and complaining more carefully.  Perhaps, a whiny test subject does simply need some time in his room for an attitude adjustment.  On the other hand, there might be times that the whining and complaining should prompt another response from me such as my reassessment of the workload, curriculum or schedule.  There might even be a spiritual issue that needs to be addressed such as lack of self-control, selfishness, impatience, etc.

On Wednesday morning, I set off for my Bible study, again.  I was able to bring a dear friend from the neighborhood who is enduring a terrible trial and it was a blessing to spend time with her.  Once again, the boys and I worked together before and after the study.  I was happy to see that they had completed all their independent work while I was gone!

On Wednesday night, I attended a fantastic PTO meeting at RA's school.  It was a presentation by a Gurian Institute trained presenter that highlighted the differences between how boys and girls learn.  I learned a lot and have some ideas I want to incorporate into our homeschool.  Once I digest all the information, I hope to share some of it here.

On Thursday morning, we went on another Field Trip with our homeschool group.  This time to a local museum that exhibits art and architecture from the Middle Ages.  TS1 was in a group whose guided tour focusing on medieval architecture.  TS 2's guided tour highlighted architecture as well as medieval art in tapestries, stained glass, manuscripts and frescos.  It was a fantastic trip and correlated beautifully with both our history curriculum and art class at co-op.

We did get some work done at home before and after the field trip, but not nearly what I had hoped for.  More flagrant disregard for the "no whining" rule caused me to realize the homeschool honeymoon was indeed over.  It was bound to happen and I knew it would.  Now, the experiment really begins, does it not?

TS 1 had his first basketball practice on Thursday evening.  He's going to be playing on the fifth grade basketball team of the school he attended.  This is the third year many of the boys are playing together and he is very excited about the season.

Bright and early on Friday morning, we set out for co-op.  It was rainy so PE classes were held indoors, which worked out just fine. 

The boys created stained glass windows in art class.  TS 2's is complete but TS 1 has a little more to do to finish his masterpiece.

TS 1 in learned more about gravity in Gizmos and Gadgets and made a marble maze.  

TS 2 tasted different varieties of honey in his Honeybee class and declared them all "yucky!"   

After co-op, we went to a meet up at the ice rink with fellow home schoolers.  The boys had a wonderful time.  This is a monthly event in the Fall and Winter and we hope to attend most of them.  

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