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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 10 (er, 7) Reasons I'm Excited about this New School Year

1.  All three of our children will be test subjects in Our Great Homeschool Experiment next year and we are excited to be all together.  Truth be told, I am more than a little bit nervous about how I will manage everyone's needs next year as well.  I am trusting God will meet our needs and give me wisdom just as He has this year!

2.  Call me a nerd, if you must, but a new school year always triggers a sense of excitement and adventure in me.  The chance at a new start, all the fun new books and supplies, I just love it!

3.  Our closest friends are taking the leap and beginning the homeschooling journey next year!  I am so excited for them and can't wait to cheer them on in their adventure.  They've joined our co-op, too, which means we get to see even more of them next year :)

4.  I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the new ideas I have been reading about this summer into our homeschool, such as finding more opportunities for reading aloud and adding notebooking to our routines.

5.  Teaching (and therefore learning) early American history!  I am excited to read some great books with the kids about colonial America up through the Revolutionary War.  

6.  As much as the reality of teaching two U.S. Government and Elections classes at co-op in the fall is causing me anxiety, I am also excited about stepping into this role.  As a bonus, it gives some of the veteran teachers (a few who are also friends) a break from teaching for a while.

7.  Teaching (and therefore learning) about the human body.  Dad will still be teaching science to the boys, using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology next year.  I plan to teach TS 3 all about the human body using living books, videos, hands on activities, etc.  I am going to try to roughly correlate my lessons for TS 3 with the topics the boys are learning, obviously on a much more basic level.

Well, that's it.  I've racked my brain for three more reasons I am excited for the new school year and I've got nothing!  We have only been on summer break for three weeks, though, so I can hardly claim to be missing the cold weather, or the routine of the school day, or anything else really so I will leave it at this- the top 10 (er, 7) reasons I'm excited about this new school year.

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