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Thursday, August 29, 2013

2013-2014 Curricula and Our Homeschool Style

I cannot believe that it has been almost five months since I last posted on this blog!  Life has been very busy for us this summer.  With our oldest playing more competitive summer baseball and our family summer getaways, there has been very little downtime here at the lab.  School starts Monday for us, and I think we all need the return to a routine.  

I actually had begun to draft this post back in June, after I attended a homeschool convention and forgotten about it.  A friend saw this picture I posted on Facebook today of our homeschool room ready to go, 
and asked if I had posted our curricula for the year yet.  Her inquiry jogged my memory and here we are.

Once again, it turns out that our 2013-2014 Curricula is not drastically different from our 2012-2013 choices.  TS 1 will be in seventh grade this year.  (I can't believe I have a seventh grader!)  TS 2 will be in fourth grade, and TS 3 will be in first grade.

As you might be able to tell from the mix of curricula below, our homeschooling style is decidedly Christian, mostly Classical and Literature Based, with a touch of Charlotte Mason.  You can read the details of why we are homeschooling and what our goals are in our homeschool mission statement.  For now, in nutshell, our aim is to balance a rigorous academic program with time for extracurricular pursuits, fun and family activities.  

So without further ado, our 2013-2014 Curricula:

Humanities Core:
Includes History, Literature, Geography, Church History, Music and Art Appreciation
Language Arts
TS1- Finish Following Narnia: Writing Lessons in Structure and Style; Continue with Student Writing Intensive Level B Continuation Course

TS2-  SmartTutor Reading (Reading Comprehension)

TS 3-  Preventing Academic Failure (Reading, Writing, and Spelling)
TS 3- A Reason for Handwriting Level A (Handwriting)



Foreign Language:


Art/Music/PE/Sci, SS or Lit Enrichment:
Activities within Tapestry of Grace
Weekly Piano Lessons
Weekly Homeschool Co-op (Three Group Classes on Fridays with Other Local Homeschoolers)
Community Sports and Dance

And that about sums it up!  

How about you?  Have you planned your curricula yet?  If you have blogged about it, I'd love to read about it!  Simply leave your link in the comments.

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